Today the Scottish Rite is called the College of Masonry

Today the Scottish Rite is called the College of Masonry. However, in the USA we had to work to institute public education.

After WW1 American Freemasonry began lobbying the Federal Government for federally funded public schools. In 1920 the Supreme Counsel Southern Jurisdiction USA, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite declared itself in favor of the creation of a Department of Education with a secretary in the cabinet.

The masonic historian Albert G. Mackey credited the Scottish Rite for the “passage of a federal education bill that embodied the principle of federal aid to the public schools in order to provide funds for the equalization of educational opportunities to the children of the nation.”

By Paul R. Swanson, 32 KCCH

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A Message from the Worshipful Master

My Brothers,

I am both humbled and honored to be elected Larson’s Worshipful Master for the 2024 year! As

we embark upon this exciting new period; I am proud to say that our lodge reflects both

harmony and diversity of background I see in its membership at every meeting. I believe Larson

Lodge is one of the best in Florida’s 6th

Masonic District and I look forward to serving and

leading the Craft as we venture into this new year!

Fraternally Yours,

Rainey Basinger

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Officers for the year 2024

Worshipful Master

Rainey Basinger

Senior Warden

Bill Eichhoefer

Junior Warden

Doug Ingram


Tony Smallwood


William McCloud

Senior Deacon

Ruden Vasquez

Junior Deacon

John Matheson

Senior Steward

Ronald Mitchell

Junior Steward

Hector Rivera


LynDell “Patches” Berry


Neils Hesse


Johnathan Ramirez

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